Saturday, August 5, 2023

No Injuries Reported After Driver Collides with Utility Pole near Fountain Springs

A man, woman, and two children were not injured in a crash in Butler Township, on Saturday afternoon.

Around 3:15pm, Saturday, emergency personnel were called to the area 25 Broad Street/Route 61 in Butler Township near Fountain Springs for a vehicle into a pole.

Butler Township and Ashland Police responded along with the Englewood Fire Company, Lavelle Fire Company, and Washington Rescue.

The accident occurred when a man driving a Subaru Outback, traveling south on Route 61 towards Fountain Springs veered into the pole, snapping it at its base.

The driver, and 3 passengers, a woman and two children refused treatment by Washington Ambulance.

Power remained on during the incident and PPL arrived just as the vehicle was being towed from the scene.

Butler Township Police is investigating the crash.